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« on: March 31, 2012, 05:54:43 am »

1: Hello my name is Thomas Cliff I'm with the Anti-Piracy Agency. I don't know if you know, but we work to discourage file sharing.

2: Thomas Cliff with the Anti-Piracy Agency.

The Anti Piracy Agency works on the behalf of the copyright owners to protect their rights.

1: We do some so-called random scans. We check some IP numbers that appear in these loops, which will download and distribute the film. And that's whenan IP address that is on your broadband account appeared.

2: Well, we are hunting pirates we sawt an IP number which is linked to your broadband account. So then we have the number of your ISP.

1: Among others, it has been downloaded 12 times films. Including the recent Harry Potter movie and a lot of episodes of the Sex and the City. And 40 mp3 files. Overall, it is a fairly large amount of copyrighted material.

2: There are a number of films that have been distributed. The latest Harry Potter film, Deadly Weapon and Friends.

1: What we do is that we make a claim for damages against those who have downloaded the film, so to speak.

2: There will be a fairly substantial sum of money involved.

1: Well, you're the one in the subscription. Are you the one distributing the movies?

2: Who else has access to your subscription?

1: You may know the new law which came into force. Instead of running individual cases there's one overall charge. In this case, 15000

2: Well, whatever! We still have to send will the bill out. We can send the invoice directly to you.

1: Regardless of who has done it, you are responsible for your subscription!

2: Do you deny it?

3: How do you mean?

1: I hope you have learned a lesson and that this is not something that will continue.

2: I have to end this conversation now. I have more calls to make. Goodbye!

(end call)
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